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Freestanding freezers offer plenty of room to store frozen goods. We offer different types to suit every requirement, including chest freezers, under counter freezers, and tall freestanding freezers. With ample storage and fantastic functions our upright freezers mean you can afford to take advantage of supermarket specials and stock up on those two for one offers. Our freezers come in all sorts of shape and sizes, for every home and lifestyle. So whatever you need for your food and drink storage, you’ll find a solution for the space and capacity that you’re working with.


What is a freestanding freezer?

A freestanding fridge is just what it sounds like: A refrigerator that stands on its own and just slides into place next to some cabinets or against a wall.

Can you integrate a freestanding freezer?

Can A Freestanding Fridge Be Integrated? Sort of but not fully. A freestanding fridge freezer won't be able to fit inside a housing cabinet, nor can it have kitchen cabinet doors attached to it – it's just not designed to.

What is the difference between a freestanding and integrated fridge freezer?

Integrated kitchen appliances sit embedded within your units, as opposed to freestanding appliances that can be moved more easily around the room. Both types of appliances can be implemented in any kitchen style and size, from modern through to traditional design schemes.

How heavy is a stand-up freezer?

Freezers are big and heavy, and as such, they can be really difficult to move from one home to another. How much does a freezer weigh? On average, a chest freezer weighs around 110 lbs., while an upright freezer weighs roughly 160 lbs.

Is a stand-up freezer a deep freezer?

Upright freezers are sometimes called stand up freezers because they are more vertical. This gives you a tall storage space usually featuring shelves for easy organization. Chest freezers lay horizontally and are great for extra-large items or deep freezer storage but can be more difficult to access.

Can you put a freezer in a kitchen cupboard?

Yes, a chest freezer can be kept in a cupboard. However, it is best to think about other options. They are not well-ventilated, unlike pantries, and can harm the freezer by overheating the motors. However, if you insist on putting a freezer in there, leave the doors open.

Does an empty or full freezer use more electricity?

The majority of the energy your freezer uses goes towards cooling down the air that comes in when you open the freezer door. When your freezer is full, there is less room for warmer air to take up, and the items that are in there help to cool down any air that does sneak in. So, keeping it full means less