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RGB Direct is established as one of the most respected electrical stockists with a range of headphones from brands including LG, Sony and Bose. With a knowledge of audio technology, prices range from as little as £9.99 up to £349 depending on built-in technology and brand. With InEar, over-ear and even sunglasses headphones available, you’ll find the right product for your budget and requirements.

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Headphone Styles and Designs

A wired headphone works similarly to a large speaker- they are miniature speakers made for personal use. Sound is transmitted from the device to the headphones via headphone jacks and plugs. Wireless headphones are less likely to be lost as they are attached to a device while in use. 

A wireless headphone transmits audio data by using radio transmission and Bluetooth. With wireless headphones, you can move around freely. As a result, you are free to move around without having to worry about accidentally pulling the cord or disconnecting. 

The main difference between earbuds and earphones is the size. In-ear headphones - also known as in-ear buds - are inserted in the ear canal, whereas earbuds rest outside of it. A great way to enjoy music on the go is with in-ear headphones (also called earphones). Take advantage of models with mics or special 'sports' versions if you like to exercise at the gym.

Headphones that cover the ears are known as over-ear headphones. Thanks to this, you'll hear less ambient noise in noisy environments such as public transportation and the office. As a result, you do not have to increase the volume by a lot, which is better for your hearing and also saves you time.

Why You Should Buy the Latest Headphones from RGB Direct

RGB Direct continuously monitors its prices so as to stay ahead of its competitors, but since prices change constantly, we may not always be able to provide the best deal. If you find a similar product cheaper, supplied by a UK-authorised dealer, brand new, boxed, and in stock, we will attempt to match or beat its price. Retailers who only sell online and import in grey are excluded. We are unable to match prices on products purchased on finance or with a discount code.

Our regular home shopping service is available to all our customers, regardless of their size, in addition to offering special business-to-business services. Some of our big clients include the BBC, ITV, QVC, New Scotland Yard, Alliance & Leicester, Delmonte Group, West Ham Football Club, McDonald's, and Vodafone. 

We also have celebrity customers such as Danny Dyer, Mark Wright and Andy Carroll, who trust in our 28 years of experience and trusted two-man delivery and recycling services. You can choose from a range of fast and efficient delivery options within the UK depending on the product you're buying. In every aspect of our service, we offer a friendly, reliable and personal service to almost all postcodes of the country.

The most important thing is that we provide the highest quality service without forgetting that personal touch.


Are headphones or earbuds better?

There are several advantages to using earbuds over headphones, such as their compact size, reduced cost, and workout-friendly nature. As opposed to earphones, headphones are often the best for noise cancellation and audio quality. As the volume will not need to be raised as high as with earbuds, headphones also use less battery power.

What is the proper way to wear in-ear headphones?

The in-ear headphones are worn by gently pulling up on the top of the ears, inserting the earbud tips into the ear canals, and twisting the headphones in place. This makes it easy to ensure that the headphones are properly and firmly seated in the ear canal.

How do you clean headphones without damaging them?

Apply rubbing alcohol or hand sanitiser to a small cloth and wipe over the metal mesh and the wires. You can clean your earbuds by removing the silicone tips and soaking them in warm, slightly soapy water for about five minutes. Ensure the headphones are fully dry before using them again or re-attaching them to your device.