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Get back more free time with our range of Dishwashers Integrated, featuring high performing LG, Bosch & Hotpoint dishwashers.

Fully integrated dishwashers are designed to sit under your worktop, hidden within your cabinetry, to achieve a smooth design. Our integrated dishwasher range offers a great choice of smart, feature-packed models that are designed to sit discretely behind a cabinet door. Whether you opt for a fully integrated dishwasher or a semi integrated model that slots beneath the kitchen counter, you’ll find plenty of fast, efficient models in our collection. Our integrated dishwasher range features the latest models from leading manufacturers like Samsung, Bosch and Siemens and showcases a variety of labour-saving features that promise to accelerate washing up cycles and deliver sparkling results every time.


Do you need a special door for an integrated dishwasher?

Standard-sized integrated dishwashers need a 715mm x 596mm door. Slimline dishwashers will need a 715mm x 446mm door. Semi-integrated dishwashers will need a 570mm x 596mm door. All of these doors will need to be undrilled.

Can you run dishes while dishwasher running?

One of the most common myths is that you must rinse all your dishes before loading them into the dishwasher. You certainly can, but your dishwasher will get the job done whether you pre-rinse or not. The truth is, the dishwasher detergent needs something to lock onto during the cleaning cycle.

What is the difference between full console and fully integrated dishwasher?

In the fully-integrated model, the controls are hidden in the top of the door. Full console dishwashers on the other hand are more traditional and feature their control panel in plain sight. Full console dishwashers can still be designed to blend with your cabinetry.

How much space do you need for an integrated dishwasher?

Be sure to also allow a minimum of around 3cm extra space behind your integrated dishwasher for the water and waste pipes. In short, you'll want to measure from: Edge-to-edge. Top-to-bottom.

Do integrated dishwashers need a cabinet?

Integrated dishwashers don't need a cabinet, they just need a door. Cabinets are available for some large appliances, such as fridge freezers and some ovens, but dishwashers simply slot between two other cabinets.

Do integrated dishwashers come with door fixings?

Do integrated dishwashers come with the door fixings? Yes, your integrated dishwasher will come with everything you need to fit a door, except the door itself.

What door do I need for an integrated dishwasher?

There is no difference between the doors - they are exactly the same, it’s really the way that they attach to the appliance that sets them aside from a normal door.

Is it easy to fit an integrated dishwasher?

Installing an integrated dishwasher isn't too different to fitting a freestanding dishwasher, there's just some extra things to do like drilling and some special attention needs to be paid to measuring and so on.