About Hoover

Hoover, as part of the Hoover Candy Group

Known around the world, Hoover has celebrated over 100 years of making quality appliances for the home. Hoover is dedicated to creating and providing today what customers will demand as the standard of tomorrow. We're constantly thinking ahead to ensure we are able to meet the needs of our many and varied customers with clever, affordable products that are simple and easy to use.

Originally founded in Ohio in 1908, Hoover Limited became a registered company in the UK in 1919. The first factory, in Perivale in Middlesex, opened in 1932 with Hoover quickly establishing itself as the undisputed leader in the floor-cleaning market.

In 1985 Hoover merged with the Chicago Pacific Corporation, based in the USA. Four years later, Chicago Pacific was acquired by domestic appliance giant The Maytag Corporation. The Hoover European Appliance Group came into existence in 1993 and is now part of Candy S.p.A, a private company based in Brugherio in Northern Italy.

Today Hoover, as part of the Hoover Candy Group, employs over 1,350 people in the UK alone.

Social & Environmental Policy

The business reference for any organisation today has moved beyond just return on investment criteria.

By defining and putting into operation a policy not only linked to "traditional" policies & procedures relating to aspects, such as Quality, Environment and Safety, Hoover (as part of the Hoover Candy Group) has been among the first big industrial group within Europe to embrace the ethos of Sustainable Development as a fully integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy and in 2003, after many years of work, Hoover Candy Group adopted the updating to its Environmental policy: (The Hoover Candy Group Environmental Policy)