Pictures and sound in perfect harmony

Be in the moment with true-to-life pictures and acoustics to match. Beautifully detailed images combine with
our Sound-from-Picture Reality™ for a captivating audio-visual performance.


A whole new multi-dimension in sound

With Acoustic Surface Audio+™ and TV center speaker mode, sound comes directly from the centre of the screen
with actuators behind the TV vibrating to create acoustics that move with the picture. In addition, two
subwoofers provide powerful bass and a spatial effect that allows sound to travel from one side of the room to the other.





Not just 4K, this is Sony 4K

Unique to Sony, 4K X-Reality PRO picture processing upscales every pixel for remarkable clarity.
Pixels across multiple frames are analysed and images sharpened and refined in real time.
See the detail appear in faces and skin tones.


Incredible contrast

By precisely balancing the light output across the screen, dimming some areas and boosting others,
X-tended Dynamic Range PRO reveals a brightness range 3x that of a conventional LED-backlit TV.

Frame by frame, brightness and contrast is adjusted so you get deeper blacks, brighter peaks and all the tonal detail in between.

Light where it's needed most

4K Processor X1

Brightness continually adapts to on-screen action - so the sun moves across the pitch, you'll still see every move and shot clearly.

Amazingly bright, incredibly slim

Slim Backlight Drive

Our innovative Slim Backlight Drive1 cleverly guides light to where it's needed most on screen.
You'll enjoy the best of both worlds - exceptional picture quality in an ultra slim TV.

Closer than ever to real world colours

Unique to Sony, a TRILUMINOS Display enriches your viewing experience with wider
palette of colours and more natural shades and hues.

True colours, expertly revealed

TVs with a TRILUMINOS Display can show a wider range of colours than most other TVs.
They selectively map colours from a wider palette to ensure subtle shades are clear
and are never oversaturated. The result is a vivid, true-to-life picture full of rich,
natural colours with realistic shades and hues.