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We offers an extensive selection of kitchen hobs from leading manufacturers to help you find the perfect model to suit your needs. Whether you are a fan of cooking on gas or electricity, we have a variety of different types available in a range of finishes and colours. If you need to cook for a large family, rapid gas hobs are the perfect solution. We also offer LPG hobs, fueled by liquefied petroleum gas that has a much higher heating value, meaning that it can be more energy efficient. Induction hobs are the perfect addition to any modern kitchen, offering impressive energy efficiency and a contemporary, sleek design. If you’re looking for the fastest cooking method available with precision to rival gas hobs, shop our range of induction hobs today.


What do I need to know about induction hobs?

Induction cooking works by heating the pan directly rather than heating the hob. It's as fast to respond as gas and as precise as electricity. Because of this, you'll find your pans are up to heat and simmering away much more quickly. And because the hob itself isn't heated, there's no burnt-on food.

What Cannot be used with induction hob?

The Types of Pots That Don't Work with Induction. Aluminium, glass, and copper pans don't work with induction stoves, unless they are made with a layer of a magnetic material on the bottom.

How do you protect an induction hob when not in use?

Use a Silicone Mat: These mats can be left in place even when you are cooking and are easy to wash. Such as this Lakeland Induction Hob Protector Liner. Use a Paper Towel or Parchment Paper While Cooking: These disposable solutions work well up to medium heat settings.

Do you need special pots for induction?

While induction cooking is gentle on your pots and pans, your cookware must contain magnetic iron or steel to work on an induction cooktop.

Can I use old pans on induction hob?

Well, any pan that is made from some form of ferrous material should be OK. Cast iron cookware is fine, as is 18/10 stainless steel, but stainless steel, aluminium, copper, glass or hard anodised will not work unless they have an induction plate built into the base.

How do you remove burnt food from an induction hob?

If your hob is covered with burned-on food, it's advisable to enlist the help of vinegar and baking soda. Use the cloth to apply a layer of normal cooking vinegar, then sprinkle baking soda over the top. Spray on some water or douse a towel and lay it over the top.

Can I use glass on an induction hob?

Cookware made only from glass (including Pyrex), aluminium or copper will not work on an induction hob. However, some cookware manufacturers offer aluminium or copper pans with a magnetized base that is specifically designed for induction cooktops.