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NordMende DSSN63IX 60cm Semi-Integrated Dishwasher

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60cm Semi Integrated Dishwasher operates quietly at 49dBa noise level.


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RGB Direct 1 Year Warranty

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1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Inc.

NordMende DSSN63IX 60cm Semi-Integrated Dishwasher


  • This Semi Integrated Dishwasher operates quietly at 49dBa noise level
  • It has 4 programmes, 12 place settings
  • 12 litre water consumption and an adjustable top basket
  • Overflow & Leakage Protection
  • Adjustable Top Basket
  • H820 x W600 x D570 mm
  • 3 Year Warranty
Make NordMende
ModelNo DSSN63IX
Colour Stainless Steel
Dimensions without Packaging H820 x W600 x D570 mm
Noise Level (dB) 49 db(a) 
Number of Programmes 4
Delay timer 3-6-9 Hour Start Delay
Place Settings  12
Cutlery Basket Adjustable top basket
  • 5

I bought this Dishwasher from the RGB store in Ilford and I was very impressed with the helpful orientation the staff gave me The appliance is so powerful and does a great job at making sure all my dishes are totally clean It even has special eco settings to use if you dont have larger loads Overall this dishwasher would make the perfect gift


  • 5

I recently bought a NordMende dishwasher from RGB Direct The stuff arrived swiftly and the ordering procedure was quite simple The dishwasher has all of the features I was looking for including a spacious interior movable cutlery baskets a half-load option and a long-term performance warranty Its stainless steel appearance is not only stylish but also extremely durable I also found the payment process to be fairly simple with reasonable deals on a variety of payment ways Overall NordMende has made my life simpler and I highly suggest it


  • 5

I had just moved into my flat and was feeling overwhelmed by the process so I dropped by the RGB store in Ilford to pick some little appliances and wow was I glad I did The staff was quite pleasant and took me to the NordMende Dishwasher It contains all of the functionality I want and does the work quietly and efficiently This dishwasher would be the ideal present for my family


  • 5

Ive been using this 60cm dishwasher for almost 3 months now and Im already a fan The shipping procedure was simple and efficient despite the fact that the product was out of stock for a few days when I placed the purchase in RGB direct The dishwasher is a terrific equipment for houses like mine since it has features like an adjustable timer an adjustable cutlery bin an efficient drying system and a range of wash programmes to accommodate different types of china glasses and utensils I was particularly pleased to see that despite the excellent value for money it was reasonably priced and that the payment procedures were really simple


  • 5

I had been hunting for a long until I came upon the NordMende Dishwasher from the Woodford RGB shop My initial thoughts were that it was incredibly contemporary and elegant The personnel was really professional and kind and they provided an excellent service The appliance is not too noisy and performs admirably