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LG UTF8Q Waterproof Sports Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Plug & Wireless Connections

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Comfortable Design: Created for all-day wear, LG TONE around-the-neck headphones feature an ergonomic design and silicone in-ear pieces that make wearing them ..


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1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Inc.

LG UTF8Q Waterproof Sports Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Plug & Wireless Connections


  • LG TONE Free fit UTF8- Waterproof Sports Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Plug & Wireless Connections
  • Focus on your movement, not on your earbuds. Only 5.9g, LG TONE Free fit wireless earbuds hook into your outer ear for a secure fit that is comfortable with less pressure, too. The lightweight shape holds them in place while letting air flow through to keep your ears cool during workouts.
  • Swivel. Lock. Go - Softly swivel to hook the wireless earbuds into your outer ear. The unique shape sits comfortably and securely, as if it was made just for your ears. A simple motion locks the earbuds in to stay in from warm-up to cool-down, even during intense workouts.
  • Active Noise Cancelling - Focus on the music while riding your bike or at the gym. LG TONE Free fits sophisticated noise removal filter accurately removes noise by adjusting the sample rate. And a howling detection algorithm helps eliminate the noise made when microphones and speakers are close together.
  • Listening mode - With a simple touch (or press), you can adjust the Noise Cancelling mode and choose how to listen. Listening Mode is for keeping aware of your environment by letting more of the background sound in your ears, so you can hear cars or other pedestrians. Conversation Mode amplifies people is voices, so that you can seamlessly talk with a friend during a run or with a bike, without taking out your earbuds.
  • Clear and natural sound Meridian - Enter a world of more dimensional sound with British audio icon Meridian. Each earbud is equipped with Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP) to make the audio seem like it is coming from all around you, for such clear and spatial sound you might even forget you are wearing wireless earbuds.
  • Prestigious British Audio Experts, Meridian - Meridian is committed to delivering the best possible listening experience in any environment. Through expertise in psychoacoustics, the science of how we hear and perceive sound, Meridian understands what is most important to the human ear. Meridian DSP technologies and bespoke sound tuning are applied to ensure whatever you are listening to, and wherever you are listening, the most accurate and authentic sound performance is achieved.
  • Meridians rigorous, research-led philosophy maintains their position at the forefront of audio innovation. As the pioneer of high-resolution audio and an expert in Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Meridian has played an integral role in the development of pioneering technologies that have become a standard and benchmark for the industry. A number of these technologies have been applied in LG Audio products.
  • Digital Signal Processing - DSP allows absolute control over the audio signal, enabling the design of advanced technologies and sound tuning to enhance sound performance in any environment.
  • Meridian Horizon is a unique up-mixing technology - When listening to two-channel stereo recordings, the listening sweet-spot where accurate imaging is experienced is very small, and if the listener is even slightly off-axis, the imaging breaks down. Meridian Horizon up-mixes two-channel stereo to any loudspeaker configuration and it is adaptive up mixing treats high and low frequencies separately, to psycho acoustically optimize sound localization cues.
  • UV Nano - The UV Nano charging cradle keeps your wireless earbuds clean and ready for sports every time you charge. A built-in UV LED light reduces bacteria by up to 99.9% in just 10 minutes, from the whole gel ear tips to the mesh inside.
  • Hygienic ear gels - The Medical Grade Silicone Ear Gels. Offer a secure and comfortable fit with hypo allergic material that does not irritate your skin. Pick from three included sizes to suit your ears the best.
  • Waterproof - Rain or shine, your earbuds are protected from water damage and dust with the waterproof IP67 rating. They are sweat proof so you can keep them in during high-intensity training, making it easy to go running or workout without any worries.
  • One charge for long lasting battery life - Enjoy more play time on a single charge. The wireless earbuds give you 10 hours of tunes on a full charge and the cradle holds another 20 hours of power, for 30 hours total.3 when you need a boost, place the earbuds inside for fast charging and get an extra hour of playing power in just 5 minutes.
  • Plug in to move wirelessly - On the treadmill. In the airplane. Now, you can enjoy the entertainment system with your wireless earbuds. Just plug in the charging case and use it as a transmitter for the sound you love.
  • Advanced call quality with reduced noise and echo - Built-in, high-performance microphones maximize your call quality. The Sub Beamforming & Outer ANC Mic detects external noise. The Inner ANC Mic cancels out unwanted noise when you turn on the Noise Cancelling function. And the Main Beamforming Mic picks up and amplifies your vocals even in a crowded space.
  • The TONE Free app - Settings and control are at your fingertips with the LG TONE Free app. Control Active Noise Cancelling as well as EQ customization, and see battery life on easy-to-use widgets. You can also easily switch between two paired devices at a tap.
  • Connect your earbuds - Connecting to your Android device or PC is simple. Put your TONE Free fit into pairing mode and a Google Fast Pair pop-up will immediately appear to guide you. To use with a Windows PC, Microsoft Swift Pairs connection window takes you through the process.
  • Multi Pairing moves your device connection - Multi Point lets you pair your wireless earbuds with up to 5 devices through the LG TONE Free app for seamless connection. Now when you want to switch to a device, you do not need to manually reconnect. And when you want a more automatic switching process, Multi Pairing lets you connect with two devices simultaneously.
  • Talk to your devices through your earbuds - Use your voice to summon Google Assistant or Siri without touching your phone. You can control your device, like changing the volume on your music, or search for information, like the days forecast, all hands-free.
Make LG
Colour Black
Dimension (Earbuds) 23.5 x 24.8 x 26.7 mm
Dimension (charge case) 51.9 x 65.8 x 32.7 mm
Charge Type C-type
Display Type LED indicator
Battery Capacity 390 mAh
Battery Type Lithium + ion
Charging Case time 2 hrs
Product Charging time 1 hrs
Water/Splashproof IP67
Weight 55 g
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 5.3
IPX Rating IPX67
Playtime (Earbuds/With cradle) 10 hrs / 30 hrs

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This product is really ultimate The Ear-Buds are perfectly suite for me the sound clarity is really good and i Loved it Thank You LG


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Perfect product this Airpods are really suit for me Thanks to LG for make this product


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The design of this product is really too good

Daniel Joseph,

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sound quality is too good and excellent product


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I love swimming and this waterproof system is really help for me thanks LG


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I had been searching for a high-quality wireless earbud option and the LG earbud from RGB Direct checked all the boxes The sleek design excellent battery life and convenient wireless charging case make it a top-notch choice for anyone in need of reliable and stylish audio