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Hoover | VTC5101NB | VTC5101NB
Hoover VTC5101NB, Freestanding 10kg Condenser Dryer White Glass with Sensor

Ease your laundry woes with Hoovers VTC5101NB condenser tumble dryer. Featuring a massive 10kg load capacity and a B rated energy efficiency rating, this tumble dryer will be a welcome addition to any kitchen space

4 Sensor Dry Programmes

With sensor drying, the tumble dryer will automatically detect how wet your laundry is and stop when its dry

You can select the level of dryness you require, and once this has been reached the dryer will stop, protecting your clothes for longer. Choose from Bone Dry, Extra Dry, Cupboard Dry, Iron Dry or Medium Dry

Highly Efficient Reverse Action

This prevents clothes from tangling during the drying cycle and will also help them dry faster

Convenient features

The VTC5101NB has an electronic indicator to inform you when the water container is empty or full

Theres also a handy delay start function which allows you to postpone the beginning of the drying cycle for 3, 6 or 9 hours, giving you the option to dry your clothes when power tariffs are at their cheapest

Dimensions 850(h) x 595 (w) 610 (d) mm