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  New 2018 Bose Model
BOSE® | On Ear Black | On Ear Black
BOSE® On Ear Black, On-Ear Black Wireless Headphones

A better wireless experience

A better wireless experience starts with what you hear. Bose on-ear wireless headphones are engineered for crisp, powerful sound that brings your music to life

Theyre lightweight and comfortable, perfect for all-day wear. With crystal-clear calls in any environment, durable materials and up to 15 hours of battery life, you can experience wireless freedom. And uncompromised performance

Exclusive technologies deliver

Better technology makes for a better wireless experience. Our TriPort technology works with Active EQ to deliver sound thats clear and powerful-at any volume

Low volume

Listening hands-free at work? Get consistent performance at lower volumes

High volume

Turning it up for your commute? Your music gets deep, immersive sound when you want it loud

Wireless freedom and easy control

Get deep, immersive sound and seamlessly switch between two Bluetooth devices without missing a beat of your music-and multi-function controls on the right earcup mean you dont have to reach for your device to change volume or tracks

Want to access your phones Siri or your Google Assistant? You can leave your phone in your pocket for that, too. You get access to either one, right from the controls

Built better

You want to listen all day. So we designed them for all-day wear. A featherweight fit with an adjustable headband that rests gently on your head gives you superior comfort. Soft cushions cradle your ears and all materials are durable and built to last

The earcups fold up to store in the compact carrying case. And theres an extra cable, so you can plug in and listen if the battery runs out

Hear and be heard

And for times when you have to take a call, these are designed to optimise communication on both ends-even if youre on a noisy or windy city street

Dual microphones reduce background noise to make sure your voice is heard. And youll hear your callers voice clearly, because Bose technologies automatically adjust to your headphones volume as the noise around you changes