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The number 1080 relates to 1080 lines of vertical resolution, while the letter i stands for interlaced or non-progressive scan. 1080i is considered to be an HDTV video mode and is often used as shorthand to describe a group of video standards.


The ultimate HD format – 1080p provides more than 2 million pixels for a smooth high resolution image. Here the 'p' shows that the image employs the progressive or non-interlaced picture-scanning process where all the lines of the image are refreshed by every vertical scan.

24p True Cinema

This mode allows films to be watched as intended by the director for the big screen, at 24 frames per second. Until now, movies watched at home play back 'faster' than they do in the cinema. When a film is shown on TV or sold on DVD it has to be adjusted to be compatible with the PAL format. The difference is that films are shot at a rate of 24 frames per second, whereas standard TV uses 25 frames per second.


Anynet+ delivers one-touch control for all compatible Samsung audio and video devices connected via HDMI. Now one touch is all it takes instead of a coffee table full of remotes.

Aspect Ratio

Describes the shape of a screen: a box that is 16cm wide and 9cm high is therefore 16:9. Movies are shot in a particular ratio for particular types of screens. There are four main aspect ratios: 4:3 the shape of a conventional TV and used by older films 16:9 widescreen: a compromise between 4:3 and the wider formats used by film makers 1.85:1 letterbox: the most commonly used picture format 2.35:1 Cinemascope: The widest of the most common ratios and also expensive. Used for the ultimate widescreen experience. Typical television aspect ratio is 4:3, while wide screen formats provide greater width of the viewing area. Digital TVs use the wider 16:9 ratio (1.78:1) to better display widescreen material like DVDs and HDTV broadcasts.

Auto set up

Automatic tuning feature which will scan for and store all available stations. Make sure the aerial is plugged in first!

Av receiver

Usually integrated with an amplifier, an AV receiver receives and decodes sound signals to be sent to the amplifier and speakers. Found in home theatre systems.

Backlit LED

Backlit LED method of backlighting allows dimming to occur in locally specific areas of darkness on the screen. This can show truer blacks and whites at much higher dynamic contrast ratios.

BD Wise

Automatic communication between the player and Samsung TV to ensure both are set for optimum performance.


New High Density, High Definition disc & player format. A Blu-Ray disc holds upto 25GB (one side) (50GB dual-sided disc) of information, enough for a full movie in 1080p High Definition resolution, or up to 23 hours of standard definition video.Blu-ray Disc™ has also been designed to store High Definition digital video, sound, pictures, games, PC files and just about anything you want.


By using our most innovative technologies such as intelligent noise reduction and Advanced Contrast Enhancer, BRAVIA ENGINE 2 builds on the power of the acclaimed BRAVIA ENGINE and adds four new image processing stages. What’s more, BRAVIA ENGINE 2 incorporates full digital signal processing across many different signals. The result is astonishingly clear and life-like colours with the most natural tones possible. Black levels are the deepest and most detailed, with a brightness and contrast that’s crisp and confident.


The BRAVIA ENGINE is the advanced picture processing technology built into BRAVIA® TVs. BRAVIA ENGINE 3 is an evolution of the BRAVIA ENGINE with a new chipset and picture processing software which ensures excellent image contrast, colour reproduction and clarity – ensuring you get the perfect picture, whatever you’re watching.

BRAVIA Internet Widgets

BRAVIA Internet Widgets let you access a range of information from the Internet without having to turn on your computer. By downloading widgets to your TV screen you can find out what your friends are up to with real-time updates from sites like Twitter and Facebook, view photos from Flickr, check the weather, get financial news or even go shopping.


BRAVIA Sync lets you sit back and control other devices by Sony, like a Handycam® camcorder or Blu-ray Disc™ player, using your BRAVIA TV remote control. Another brilliantly simple way to get more out of Sony products. For example, if your Blu-ray Disc™ player is connected to your BRAVIA TV via HDMI™, you can watch a movie simply by pressing play on your BRAVIA remote. Or if you connect your Cyber-shot digital camera to your BRAVIA TV via HDMI™ you can use the TV remote to view the movies and pictures stored on the device.

Center channel loudspeaker

Single loudspeaker which sits in front or on top of a television screen which reproduces the dialog of a movie in a surround sound system .

Class A

Class A Energy Efficiency - The most energy efficient washers, using the least amount of power during the wash cycles. For more information visit -

Class B

Class B energy machines, second best in energy consumption where a machine uses less than 0.23 kW·h per kilogramme of washing. Still very efficient energy class. For more information visit -

Class B

Class B energy machines, second best in energy consumption where a machine uses less than 0.23 kW·h per kilogramme of washing. Still very efficient energy class. For more information visit -

Class B

Class B energy machines, second best in energy consumption where a machine uses less than 0.23 kW·h per kilogramme of washing. Still very efficient energy class. For more information visit -

Class B

Class B energy machines, second best in energy consumption where a machine uses less than 0.23 kW·h per kilogramme of washing.Still very efficient energy class. For more information visit -

Component video

High quality video connection. Even better than RGB SCART, Component video splits picture signals into their component Red, Green and Blue colours. A separate audio connection is required.


Basic video connection, often used to connect camcorders or games consoles to a TV. Carries a composite of colour and brightness picture signals. A separate audio connection is required.

Contrast ratio

The ratio of the luminosity of the brightest colour to the darkest colour in the display. High contrast ratio is desirable, but does not determine picture quality on its own.

DAB Radio

Moving into the digital age with DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) Radio. Benefits include more stations, no hiss and future ready for data broadcasts.

Digital Still Camera

Photos are captured electronically and stored on the camera’s memory card. A built in colour LCD screen allows viewing of the photo during and after shooting.

Digital tuner

Tuner capable of receiving and decoding digital video or audio transmissions. Improved picture & sound quality compared to analogue tuners.

Digital Video

Refers to the capturing, manipulation and storage of video in digital formats. Formats include DV (Digital Video) Cassette and SD Memory Cards.

Digital zoom

Crops and enlarges an image to reproduce the effect of a longer zoom lens, but with a loss in resolution and image quality.


The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is a non-profit collaborative trade organization comprised of more than 250 member companies in consumer electronics, computing industry, and mobile electronics manufacturers.DLNA network can be wired or wireless network.For further information visit website -

Dolby digital

Digital multi-channel surround sound. Usually 5.1 surround sound, with five independent channels of sound for front left & right, centre, and rear left & right speakers. The .1 refers to a dedicated subwoofer channel.

Dolby Digital AC-3

Surround sound standard from Dolby Laboratories which incorporates six discrete channels of information for the playback of video soundtracks.

Dolby Pro Logic

Surround sound standard from Dolby Laboratories for the playback of movie soundtracks in the home.The system utilizes five loudspeakers - two main, two rear , and a center and a decoder to properly steer the signal to its appropriate channel.

DTS decoding

Digital Theatre System. Alternative to Dolby Digital surround sound, thought by some to provide slightly better surround sound quality. Only available from DVD discs bearing the DTS logo.

DVD Camcorder

Record directly onto DVD and play back directly on your compatible DVD player at home.

DVD Players

Sound and picture quality is superb and navigation is quick and easy scene to scene. DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) films often have extra features and footage.

DVD Recorders

Record digitally to DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) from both analogue and digital sources. The resultant DVDs can also be played and edited on a computer.

DVD Systems

Music Systems featuring an integrated DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) Player minimizing on space and maximizing on features. Often with multiple speakers.


Comprising a DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) Player and VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) housed within a single unit which takes up less overall space.

Dynamic Contrast

To ensure consistently amazing picture quality, Dynamic Contrast ensures all shades between the brightest white and the darkest blacks are maintained. This gives the picture more depth and detail. It works by enabling the backlight brightness to adjust according to the brightness of the scene. Our unique dynamic contrast system features ACE (advanced contrast enhancer) to maintain all subtle shades of grey, a greater level of contrast and a sharper High Definition picture.

Eco Settings

‘Eco Settings’ is our group of energy-saving functions for the BRAVIA TV range. This includes Power Saving, Idle TV Standby, PC Power Management and, for most Series, Light Sensor. Each Eco Setting is easy to access, so saving power (and energy costs) can be achieved with a single touch of a button.

Edge LED

Edge LED, places LED lights around the edge of the display screen using an optical sheet. The result is a thinner and more lightweight LCD screen display, making them ideal for wall mounting.

Energy Saving Switch

The Energy Saving Switch allows you to completely turn off your BRAVIA TV, reducing energy consumption to zero. When you want to watch TV again, just simply turn it back on, and the TV returns immediately to its previous state, without the hassle of switching the plug on and off.


Electronic Programme Guide. Gives full programme listings for all available channels up to eight days in advance.


Teletext feature allowing shortcuts to related text pages by pressing the coloured buttons on your remote.

Flat Wall Mounts

allow you to maximize the space-saving benefits of plasma technology. This option is generally the least expensive, and it adds just under two inches to the monitor's total depth.


freesat is a digital satellite TV service giving you over 140 digital channels and services plus the brilliance of high definition (HD) from the BBC and ITV, without monthly bills. freesat a not-for-profit company owned by the BBC and ITV. freesat is available to almost every home in the UK so everyone can now enjoy digital TV for free. For more information visit website


The Freeview system in the UK is the name given to digital terrestrial services. A viewer is able to receive a selection of digital channels for free through a set-top box or via a Freeview-enabled TV set. See for more information.

Freeview HD

Freeview HD is a television service that offers HD channels available via your existing TV aerial, all for free.

Front av

Audio/Video input sockets found on the front of a television or recording device. Usually includes composite video and s-vhs connections, with RCA audio inputs, for connecting camcorders, games consoles.

Full HD

Full HD 1080 reproduce the maximum HD1080 picture exactly as it was transmitted. This is instead of creating scaled images which have been digitally reduced to fit lower-resolution TVs. An unprecedented degree of detail and clarity is brought to standard television broadcasts, with Full HD 1080 boosting the image resolution by up four times.


To house your equipment we carry furniture with practical features and stylish design from manufacturers with a reputation for quality and value.

Hard drive

Sometimes referred to as Hard Disc. Data storage device used in some PVR's and DVD recorders, with storage capacity shown in gigabytes (GB).


HD - High definition - New standard for picture displays. Guarantees a minimum of 720 horizontal lines of image resolution, providing greater picture clarity. HDMI or DVI connection required for HD capabilities.

HD Ready

Able to receive and display High Definition content to deliver a picture with over 4 times more detail than standard broadcasts. Minimum resolution of 720 horizontal lines.


High Definition Multimedia Interface™ (HDMI™) is a standard, designed to carry High Defination digital video and audio content (via HDMI cable).

HDMI 1.4

The HDMI 1.4 specification adds a data channel to the HDMI connection, enabling high-speed, bi-directional communication. Connected devices that include this feature can send and receive data via 100 Mb/sec Ethernet, making them instantly ready for any IP-based application. The HDMI Ethernet Channel allows internet-enabled HDMI devices to share an internet connection via the HDMI link, with no need for a separate Ethernet cable. It also provides the connection platform that will allow HDMI-enabled components to share content between devices. For more information visit -

Hi-Fi Systems

High fidelity sound system featuring Playback/Recording devices such as Radio, CD, DVD, Mini Disc, MP3 and Tape Player/Recorder with separate speakers.

Home Theatre Systems

Recreating the dramatic sound effects of the Cinema experience using multiple speakers and a dedicated amplifier no ordinary TV set alone can provide.

Internet TV

The delivery of TV services through the Internet. Internet TV services give access to an archive of programmes or on-demand TV channels which allow users to choose what they want to watch when it suits them. BRAVIA Internet TV delivers services such as catch-up TV straight to a television screen with no need for a PC connection.


Joint Photographics Expert Group. Compression format for picture files, used for storing photographic files.


LCD, or Liquid Crystal Display, is built using two transparent sheets with a clear, crystal liquid between to form pixels. When electricity passes through the LCD screen, it determines the colour of the tiny liquid crystals inside to make whatever you’re watching come to life in vibrant colour. With low light intensity, LCD screen technology reduces glare and enables viewing from tighter angles.


Making a huge difference to the sound and picture quality we carry a vast range of leads from manufacturers with a reputation for quality and value.


LED - Light Emitting Diodes.LCD TV that utilizes LED backlighting instead of the standard Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (LCD-CCFL) used in most LCD televisions. A LED Television can be Back lit or Edge lit.

Light Sensor

Our innovative power-saving ambient Light Sensor has been introduced on selected BRAVIA TVs. Found in the ‘home’ setting, the sensor detects the ambient light in a room and adapts the picture’s brightness accordingly. As well as making viewing more comfortable, when the set’s light sensor is activated power consumption can be reduced by a further 30%.

Live Colour

With Live Colour, the images you see on your BRAVIA TV are bright, vibrant and realistic. Reds and greens are notoriously difficult to reproduce on an LCD screen. Live Colour intelligently boosts these colours to produce an image that’s true to life, so you can enjoy clearer, more life-like pictures whether you’re watching a nature documentary or the latest Hollywood blockbuster.


1 million pixels, or picture elements. The higher the number of pixels, the sharper the picture quality.

Motionflow 100Hz

MotionFlow technology boosts the refresh rate from standard 50Hz to 100Hz for super-smooth, ultra-realistic viewing. It creates 50 unique frames between each of the existing 50 frames, doubling the frames displayed per second in real-time. Motionflow 100Hz works with both film-based content and standard TV and DVD.

Motionflow 200Hz

Motionflow 200Hz is the world’s first quadruple speed frame rate for TV, that takes picture clarity a giant leap further. Not one, but three new images are added to the action, predicting motion in all directions to create powerfully sharp images displayed at an astonishing 200 frames per second. You won’t miss a single detail of sporting action. Films and cartoons shot at 24 frames per second are enhanced with Motionflow 200Hz too, which inserts seven new images to get rid of annoying judder or blur.


Mostly associated with downloaded music from the Internet, MP3 players are portable and allow a vast storage for compressed music data.


Moving Picture Experts Group. Compression format for audio or video files, used to reduce file size for compact storage and quick access.


An MPEG standard that can be used for Internet, broadcast and storage media. Developed by MPEG (the Motion Picture Experts Group) MPEG-4 was specially designed to compress digital and audio media into small file sizes for low-bandwidth applications.

Multi Region

The ability of a DVD Player to play Region coded DVDs. For e.g. DVDs purchased from other countries such as the US (as well as the UK).

Multi Window

PIP (Picture in Picture) Allows a smaller window to be viewed within a larger one/ PAP (Picture and Picture) Allows two windows to be opened at the same time

Optical zoom

Magnifies the target image without any loss of resolution.

PC Input

Allows a PC to be connected directly to a TV without the need for a video graphics adaptor.

Picture In Picture

(PIP) Displays the PC on the screen along with a small picture from the TV source. Enables you to browse your PC applications while watching a TV channel.


Short for "picture element",Higher pixels show more details and sharper pictures.


A Plasma Display Panel (PDP) is a type of flat panel display common to large TV displays (80 cm or larger). Many tiny cells between just two panels of glass hold a mixture of noble gases. The gas in the cells is electrically turned into a plasma which emits ultraviolet light which then excites phosphors to emit visible light. Plasma displays should not be confused with LCDs, another lightweight flatscreen display using very different technology, which is not based on phosphorescence.

Portable DVD

Viewing a DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) on the move is easy with this Compact DVD player with built-in LCD screen. Featuring an internal power source.

Portable Hi-Fi

Portable unit combining various audio components with an internal amplifier, speaker system and handle powered by mains electricity and battery.

Power amplifier

Electronic device which increases the power of an incoming low level signal to accomodate the power requirements of a loudspeaker

Power output

Used in reference to amplifiers. The Power Output rating indicates the wattage supplied to the speakers by the amplifier. Higher power output usually means greater volume and improved sound quality.

Presence Sensor

The Presence Sensor is an intelligent body heat and movement detector that can tell whether you’re in the room or not. When you leave the room, the sensor activates an energy-saving ‘picture off’ mode, while leaving TV sound on. The picture turns back on as soon as you re-enter the room. If no movement is detected, the set automatically switches to standby after 30 minutes.

Progressive scan

Denoted by 'p' after the number of lines, ie 720p. Draws each line of the picture in sequence, as opposed to interlaced scan which draws odd lines in one frame, followed by even lines in the next.

Rear channel loudspeaker

Loudspeaker pair which sits beside or behind the listener in a surround sound system .These speakers reproduce ambient information as well as soundtrack special effects.


Single unit containing a preamplifier , a power amplifier , and a tuner .


Image resolution refers to the number of pixels making up the whole image. The higher the number of pixels, the better the resolution,more clear and detailed the picture. Presently, 1920 x 1080 ( giving over two million pixels) is the highest available for TVs.


Root Mean Square. The standard measurement of Watts power output from an amplifier/speaker system.


S-Force Front Surround gives you a truly cinematic experience without having to leave your sofa. The technology developed by Sony delivers true 3D surround sound using only the built-in television speakers. It works by replicating how the human ear recognises and picks up sound. Entirely virtual, S-Force doesn’t rely on bouncing sound off walls so you can enjoy movie theatre-like sound in any size room.


Video connection. A step up in quality from Composite Video, S-VHS seperates the picture signal into brightness and colour. A separate audio connection is required.

Scaling DVD

DVD player which 'upscales' DVD images from the native 480 horizontal lines of picture to 720 / 1080 lines by artificially creating extra lines. Produces sharper image ideal for HD Ready televisions.

Scanning rate

Number of lines produced by a television per second, as it scans its picture onto a screen.Measured in Hz.


21 Pin connection. The standard connection for audio-visual devices, SCART carries picture and sound signals via a single lead.

SD Card Slot

This means that you can insert a SD card into your TV and display the contents on the screen. For example, Photo's from your digital camera.

Separate Components

For the more experienced user, looking for the ultimate musical experience. Each part can be replaced or added to without changing the whole system.

Sleep Timer

Programmable automatic shutdown. This function can be selected by remote control to switch the TV receiver into standby mode after a set time.

Steady Sound

The Steady Sound feature equalises volume levels for consistency in between programmes and commercials.


Woofer large enough to produce frequencies from 20 or 30 Hz to 80 or 100 Hz, typically housed in its own enclosure.


Swivel allows the viewing angle to be adjusted by up to 20° to the left or right, so the screen is never in an awkward position.


Set of minimum technical standards established to improve the reproduction of movie soundtracks in theaters and homes.

Tilt Wall Mounts

enable you to place your TV above eye level, keeping it out of the way though readily viewable from anywhere in the room. This mounting option is typically used to install LCD


Drive unit in a loudspeaker responsible for reproducing the higher frequencies of an audible signal, typically active above 3 kHz.

Twin digital tuner

Two digital freeview tuners built in. Allows viewing of one channel while recording another, or two channles to be viewed at once in 'Picture In Picture' mode.


Universal Serial Bus. Common connection on computers, now available on some television and recorders to allow software downloads or playback from media storage devices. New USB 2.0 standard supports faster data rate transfer.

USB Music Player

Our USB Music Player lets you listen to your favourite tunes or playlists on your BRAVIA TV. A number of USB devices such as a VAIO, WALKMAN® mp3 player or USB Memory Stick, can simply be plugged into the TV and your MP3 music files transferred directly to the big screen – so you can fill the room with your favourite sounds, in one simple motion.

USB Photo Viewer

With the USB Photo Viewer, you can turn your BRAVIA TV into a giant digital camera display by simply connecting your D-SLR camera, Cyber-shot digital camera or USB multi-card reader via the USB connection. Customisable settings let you enjoy your photos close-up on the big screen, edit Cyber-shot albums and create special slideshows. You can even choose your favourite photo as your standby screen.


Comprising a VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) and DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) Player housed within a single unit which takes up less overall space.


VIERA CAST lets you have with the touch of one button, access to YouTube™, Eurosport™ and Google’s Picasa Web Albums™ directly from your compatible VIERA TV. Simply hook up your VIERA TV to your high-speed Internet connection. VIERA CAST constantly updates on its own and lets you seamlessly switch between your TV programme and selected online content.

Viera Link

Multiple Panasonic AV devices can be controlled using only the Viera Remote control

Viewing Angle

The angle at which the TV can be viewed without picture quality being affected.

Wide screen

Any video software or hardware which has an aspect ratio wider than 4:3 (which is the typical television ratio).Wide screen formats are meant to reproduce the original aspect ratio of a movie as viewed in a theater.


Without wires! In home cinema, wireless rear speakers receive audio signals via infrared or RF transmissions, eliminating the need for cables trailing from the front to the rear of the room.


Drive element in a loudspeaker responsible for reproducing the lower (and sometimes midband) portion of an audio signal, ideally operating from 1 kHz down, depending on its size.


The acclaimed XMB™ is an attractive and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that makes it easy to see what devices are connected to your BRAVIA – and gives you quick access to them. Alongside a Settings option, the horizontal bar displays your connections in easy-to-understand groups such as Photos, Digital TV, Analogue TV and Input Devices. Just use your remote to scroll forward and back. When you’ve selected one icon, a vertical bar will automatically appear showing available choices such as TV channels, a Blu-ray Disc™ player or a Hard Disk Drive DVD Recorder. From there you can click to select a channel or play a disc.