Bose Installation Service  

In-home delivery, setup and installation services
Installation services managed by specialised staff / agency
Our certified installation service specialists understand best how BoseĀ® systems integrate with other components. From simple setup to whole-room and multi-room installations, you can expect the same professional excellence you've come to expect from BoseĀ®  products.
Whether you require a complex installation or just trustworthy set-up of your valued purchase, we will provide you the professional service you are looking for. Please call us today to learn more.
Bose Home Solutions services provide the following:

  • Comprehensive one-on-one instruction to help you learn to use and get the most out of your system
  • Complete product integration, including connecting new and existing equipment
  • Configuring Bose remote control to operate your equipment
  • Programming AM/FM stations as presets in your remote control (where applicable)
  • Testing and demonstrating the system