Dyson AM09-White

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Pedestal Hot+Cool Fan White.

Dyson AM09-White, Pedestal Hot+Cool Fan  White.
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Fast even room heating, powerful personal cooling. Now with Jet Focus control.(Please note this is not an air conditioning unit).

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Product Details of Dyson AM09-White

Patented Air Multiplier™ technology: Dyson fans use Air Multiplier™ technology to create a powerful stream of uninterrupted airflow. Air is accelerated through an annular aperture, creating a high-velocity jet of air.

This passes over an airfoil-shaped ramp, channelling its direction and creating areas of low pressure behind and around the fan.

The only fan heater with Jet focus control: Focused mode for long-range powerful airflow, or diffused mode for wide projection.Choose focused mode for long-range powerful airflow, or select diffused mode for wide projection to mix the surrounding air.

Long-range powerful airflow: Select focused mode to channel and direct a powerful jet of air for long-range personal heating. No more sitting in front of the heater.

In personal mode, warm air is accelerated through a 2.5mm aperture and over an airfoil shaped ramp. In personal mode, it is redirected by a focus ramp, which projects a powerful stream of warm air towards the user.

Wide projection to mix the surrounding air: Select diffused mode to project powerful airflow for both wide and long-range heat distribution. It heats the room quickly and evenly, no more cold spots.

Effective all year round: The Dyson Hot + Cool™ fan heater heats rooms quickly and evenly. And in warmer weather, it cools you effectively.

Precise, energy efficient heating: In heating mode, the intelligent thermostat monitors the room to reach and maintain the target temperature.

Energy Efficient: AM09 uses approximately 30% less energy to heat the whole room than other fan heaters.* And in summer, it can lower energy bills by up to 20% when its used with air conditioning.

Sleep timer: Can be programmed to turn off after pre-set intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours.

Perfect for night time use: Perfect for night time use, quieter with intelligent temperature control and sleep timer.

Remote control: With settings to adjust oscillation, temperature and airflow. Curved and magnetised to store neatly on the machine.

Oscillation control: Airflow can be directed around a room - one touch for smooth oscillation.

Easy tilt: AM09 pivots on its own centre of gravity, staying put without clamping.

Safe: No fast-spinning blades or visible heating elements. AM09 automatically cuts out if tipped over.

Easy to clean: With no awkward safety grilles or blades, Dyson fan heaters are quick and easy to clean.

Reviews of Dyson AM09-White


Jane Bailey
Excellent speedy delivery. Not recommended as a night time cooling fan as it is too noisy. Makes up for it in heating, taking only 10 mins to heat a room. Definitely recommend as a heating fan, its brilliant.
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Small compact and very effective.
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Susan Miles
Fantastic fan that runs so silent. Swift easier ordering and delivery.
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Hazel Owen
Arrived just in time for the heatwave and was effective in keeping the heat down. Great piece of kit.
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martin potter
Great product at a decent price . Great timer feature which Im using tonight on hottest night of the year.
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